NOMIG Polymeric cast

The true qualities lie inside:
NOMIG Polymeric cast

NOMIG Polymerguss

Extreme requirements yearn for uncompromising, material technical conceptions.

With NOMIG polymeric cast NOMIG GmbH has developed a high-strength SIC polymeric composite material especially for use into flue gas desulfurization plants.

The material uses frequently appearing into combination are enormously severe at the permanent radical change of the limestonesuspension.
Due to the very high wear resistance, considerably higher stand times are reached.

A powerful composition

NOMIG polymeric cast is a mixture of SIC and VE resin.
SIC is mixed with VE resin under vacuum and then poured (by vacuum into vacuum) into moulds.
Because of his hardness comparable with that one of the diamond, it only can be processed with special tools after hardening.
By the high hardness of the material (Mohs 9.7) only installation ready components are delivered to the customer.

Silicon carbide + VE-resin = Nomig polymeric cast

Application fields

  • Pump industry
  • Washing nozzles
  • Pipe industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Homogeneous industry
  • Safety industry
  • Leisure industry

Technical qualities

Nomig Polymeric cast

These videos demonstrate how strong the connection between polymer casting and a metal underground is.